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Insurance Agent

Support Services

In addition to our therapy services, we provide a variety of billing, program development and evaluation, consulting and management services to independent therapy clinics.

Consultation and Management Services

HDR has customers who seek our assistance in development and management of their own rehabilitation services. We are able to offer guidance on quality assurance, financial management, program evaluation, feasibility studies and utilization review.

Financial Management

HDR can provide assistance, on a consulting basis, with the financial management of therapy programs and regarding Medicare, Medical Assistance and Insurance reimbursement systems. Therapists and management staff are trained so they are knowledgeable about reimbursement and can respond to questions of patients and families.

Community Awareness

From a marketing perspective, HDR works to increase community awareness in a variety of ways. We can tailor our programs to your specific needs. Some of the following programs may apply:

  • Take an active part in health fairs.

  • Meet with all current and potential referral sources along with sending quality assurance surveys to all physicians, discharge planners, etc.

  • Distribute brochures in senior citizen homes and centers.

  • Sponsor events where HDR's therapists provide an in-service for referral sources.

  • Advertise in senior newspapers and local papers after start up.

  • Sponsor an open house within the therapy department to allow visitors and family members an opportunity to learn about the facility and the therapy services.

  • Organize and sponsor a special event during Nursing Home Month

Billing Services

We offer comprehensive billing services to independent therapy clinics.

  • We expedite billing and perform follow-up.

  • Our billing software submits “clean” claims, improving cash flow.

  • We will assist you with obtaining clinic referrals and prior authorizations.

  • Our qualified staff have the experience necessary to bill and collect your claims.

  • They have established relationships with all payers.

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Outsourcing your receivables management allows you to concentrate on treating patients and growing your business.


We can take care of what you want taken care of. We can customize your account to include workshops for your employees on coding for each payer type (Blue Cross, Medicare, Worker’s Comp); handling claim denials, insurance referrals, assistance with prior authorizations, requests for reconsiderations, and the appeals process. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs.

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